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So Many Things Wrong by Stanhope F So Many Things Wrong by Stanhope F, Taken From So Many Things Wrong 8 Tracks EP In Stores Now. Product: So Many Things Wrong 8 Tracks EP. Artiste: Stanhope F Product Code: TEM:0001 UPC Barcode: 192650080379 Genre: Reggae / Poetic Truth/World Eight (8) Tracks Duration:25:28min MP3 and CD: UK Code: 0192650080379 Release Date: Feb. 27, 2018 ©2018 Label: Two Edge Music Records Release Bio: Floyd Stanhope Francis, stage name Stanhope F, is a true inspirational artist from the core of his heart. His first commercially released EP titled “So Many Things Wrong” is based on past life events and paints a vivid picture easily related. Tracks like “Many Things Wrong” and “Danny Ray” tell stories of life and death of two brothers in the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the bigger brother escaped alive and the younger succumb to his gruesome death leaving a fatherless child behind. Stanhope F is expressing his transformation from darkness to light.