by Colie Brice

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Why? "Why" from the solo debut NEW AGE BLUES. Prolific debut from former Phantom's Opera singer! February 7, 2006 Format: Audio CD This is an ultra rare copy of Colie Brice's debut album. Recorded in 1996 at the early inception of the new media music and home studio revolution. Among other things, this album illustrates a vivid depiction of the origins of the DIY/indie era. Track highlights include "17 G a Tribute to Jerry (Garcia)", "Against the Grain", the environmental anthem "Why?", "Life's Journey" featuring a guest appearance by producer Steve Evetts (the CURE, Limp Bizkit) and the new age jazz of "Dolphin Suite". An experimental, eclectic, and often times eccentric fusion of new age, world, and hard rock..