by Quint S Ence

published on

The Lady Composed, Arranged, recorded and mixed by Remo Fiore The Lady, was composed with a specific significance and dedicated to one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A romantic and sensual instrumental composed for a trio combination of Piano, Cello and Accordion/ Bandoneon, with an almost Argentinian Tango feel. I chose three particular instruments for a very specific reasons. The Piano - The perfect instrument to accompany an intertwined melody which tells the story of two beings who however far apart have always had a special feeling for one another. The piano is to be thought of as bed dressed in satin sheets which wrap the other two instruments in a warm and comfortable embrace, enhancing the sensual but decisive foreplay of the Cello and the slow but unstoppable growth of the accordion until they come together as one and explode into a final peak of pleasure and finally embrace each other until they fall into a deep, sweet and mellow slumber. The Cello - Ahh... The Cello, I believe to be the most sensual of musical instruments especially when played by a woman. It is the perfect embodiment of the female form, both in shape and sound and is the perfect choice to depict the beauty, sensuality and sultriness of a woman. If I could choose to be an instrument it would be the Cello. The third is the Accordion/Bandoneon - I chose the accordion as the third instrument mainly because of the fact that if it weren't for the accordion, I would never have met the person mentioned above, also because it could be the perfect match for the cello, the soft back and forth movement of bellows, the sound of the air breathing heavily through the reeds, not to mention of course the tightly knit association to what is probably known as the one of the most sensual of musical styles and dances "The Argentinian Tango", made it the obvious companion for the cello and the perfect choice as the executor of the main melody.