by Colie Brice

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父親是在中國 "父親是在中國" from the Colie Brice album ROCK & ROLL TIGER September 11, 2010 Another eclectic offering from yours truly.. More slightly strange, exhuberant rock music with a sauntering Jersey Shore aroma.. Some extremely grandiose, melodramatic hyperbole mingling withsome softer, quiet moments of introspection, mellow jazz and gospel tinged explorations, and certainly a pandora's box of southpaw blues.. Colie My personal track descriptions: Sunday Morning Blues – sometimes it’s just nice stress relief to grab a mean riff and let loose.. I cobbled together the orchestral opening just to gussy it up a bit.. Rock & Roll Tiger – is an off the cuff anthem about one more short, going down hard, fighting to the end, the chronic theme of persistence prevalent throughout a hard earned life.. Can’t Escape - A mildly defiant surf slack ode to escapism, a call to arms illustrating profound concern for the human condition.. Walk Away – I don’t usually sing about surrender or retreat, but sometimes when the battle has been clearly lost, it’s best to walk away. This song means a lot to me on several different levels, but primarily it’s about leaving Asbury Park, NJ’’s vibrant music scene and moving up to Eastport Maine for a quieter life. Like so many musicians, Asbury Park provided me with a birthing and playground ground for huge rock & roll dreams, but like so many other artists from around here, I have thus far failed to achieve the fullness of my vision. But that’s OK, life’s a marathon not a sprint, and it’s been a good run.. Sher Shan Suri – is just a little aural palette cleanser portraying the Tiger as he stalks his prey stealthily in the jungle.. Summer's In Season – not even a song really, just a mantra of summer time “feel good” vibe.. 父親是在中國 – is a sonic depiction and mind play of my Father’s trip to Bejing.. 811 – Santanaesque rock & roll meandering with a latin percussion hue .. Don't Want To Fight - Sometimes I mess up real bad and sorry just isn’t enough. Nothing you can do but try to own and make up for it.. Searching – “The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates