by Zander Yates

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One Step This is a single, released in June of 2018. It is a reflection of the song Step One, after more than a year of new experiences. It further develops on the venture anarchist themes touched on in the previous single, but is informed by some severe difficulties I had faced in the preceding winter, and is infused with the increased compassion for others that those difficulties gave me. Thank you so much for listening! Lyrics: Surprise! I can't remember if I saw the light, but I've had a lot on my mind, like stars and stuff, Sirius (I was having such a strange dream) And it seems like everyone has been goin insane, and I'm sure i seem the same way. If you ask why of course I'm afraid but truth be told I shouldn't complain, I just act like The One because every One is A Really Strange Person A Really Strange Person I was having such a strange dream and I found myself asking Why is there pain? Why is there pain at all? What is the Rise and Fall? and can it be better? I'll step into the unknown