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SOP129: Airi And Tuomas Saloniemi On 10000 Hour Rule Welcome to Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast #129! Today is a special podcast. Our subscribers who know me probably are aware that I am quite a spontaneous person, I don't like to plan too much. So yesterday when I received an email from a Finish organist Airi Saloniemi asking for an opportunity to try our largest pipe organ in Lithuania at Vilnius University St John's church, I spontaneously said, "Yes". So now because of this Airi and her husband Tuomas Saloniemi are next to the organ bench besides me. Airi is an organist and cantor in Vantaa which is a city next to Helsinki, capital of Finland. There is an area called Korso and they have a small church (17000 members in a congregation). She works there every week, playing services and leading choirs. Tuomas, like Airi studied at Sibelius Academy and he plays tuba. It was at the Sibelius Academy that they met each other. Recently he decided to switch careers and now works in communications for a healthcare company but still plays tuba occasionally. In this conversation, Airi and Tuomas share their experiences about playing organ and tuba, what are challenging and exciting things to them, about their practice ideas, especially the famous 10000 hour rule. Airi is a connector and she makes things happen because she organizes concerts in her church and Tuomas has communication and marketing skills which are vital for anyone living in today's world. I actually suggested Tuomas to start a podcast about tuba music and tuba players since there is a lack of in-depth conversations in the tuba world. ​And don't forget to help spread the word about the SOP Podcast by sharing it with your organist friends. If you like it, feel free to subscribe to our channel on Musicoin. By the way, you can upload your own recordings to YOUR channel to maximize revenue. ​ If you have some audio recordings of your organ performances, you can do the same. Feel free to use my invitation link to join Musicoin: Thanks for caring. You can connect with Airi and Tuomas on Facebook.