by Nathan Kaye

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Wings - A positive bluesy tune about finding the thing that gives you wings to fly high in life What do you most love to do in this life? If you could do or be anything in this world, what would it be? I penned this positive, fun, blues-rock tune to help open-minded listeners, like yourself, find that thing that puts the **STEEM into your engine**, that gives you the **wings to fly high in life!** There's nothing more important than finding at least one thing that you're so passionate about that you're inspired to do it every day, no matter what because it bring joy into your life. Finding that thing that gives you wings gives your life meaning and expression. And when you do that thing every day, you inevitably inspire those around you to also find and do their passion. As with all my one-man band performances and recordings, nothing is looped or pre-recorded in this one-man band performance. I am simultaneously playing the "Violap" Lapsteel Slide guitar (co-designed by Ben Harper), Slide-Didge (modern adaptation of the traditional Aboriginal wind instrument known most commonly as didgeridoo), vocals and electronic foot drums (homemade from wetsuit, plywood, guitar cables, and contact mics into a drum module). *(caveat - I overdubbed an extra didgeridoo part in the later section to act as a bassline)* So dear friend reading this, I do hope you enjoy this performance! <center><h2>Thanks so much for listening. If you felt the vibe of this performance, please do upvote, resteem, follow @nathankaye and comment. I'd really love to hear from you.</h2></center>