by Mar T.

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Dreams At a great pop/rock festival I saw two lovers (they were old and grey) lying in the grass and enjoying Jonathan Jeremiah (which I was enjoying too).. Their 'living their dreams' at this age was really touching to me, so I decided to use my impressions observing those two to write and compose 'Dreams'. Lyrics: Dreams V1 Her face lit up when he smiled And when his eyebrows told her stories Her polished nails made him giggle When she stoke her fingers through his hair PC 'You are all my dreams' C They were too colourful to be grey But they made their inner lovers play An endless golden ballad to each other They were living and breathing, didn't bother Chasing their dreams V2 They still walked hand in hand together Reached their heart's next destiny She couldn't wear heels anymore So he sweat to keep up to (her) speed PC 'We're living our dreams' 'We're living our dreams' C Br Life can be what you want it to be No matter how hard they tell you it's not It's your reality you're living in And only you can decide to live your dreams 'We're chasing our dreams' 'We're chasing our dreams'