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Walk on Water Walk on Water This was one of the two tracks from the Blue and White single released back in 2013. It just really started out as an experiment trying to make a track out of water based sounds, everything apart from the bass and vocals (although these were effected by a water sound fed into a vocoder) was created using recordings of water, generally resampled and processed to sound synth-like. I got the idea for doing something like this with the percussion after I saw a documentary, in which people from a remote African tribe were stood in a river, “playing” the water as if it was a percussive instrument (they sounded pretty good too). I refer to this as aquatic dub music ...or something. IRSC: USA2P1373012 Release date: 31 October 2013 If you like this, you can listen to some of my other tracks on the following platforms: * Choon: * Whaleshares: * Steemit: * Musicoin: or * Soundcloud: * Spotify: Or follow me on Twitter: Thanks for listening!