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Serendipity Serendipity by Flicker. Album: At Least 1000 Words (2002) After George returned to England from the Czech Republic, it was not long before he became involved in the music scene again. One of the bands he worked with at that time was Search Party. Serendipity was inspired by a Search Party song called One Direction. Serendipity was subsequently composed in honour of the Search Party posse. A search may lead to serendipity, after all. Some Search Party material is available to be heard at the Wud Records website, in the Archives section. Music by G. Davies/D. Danielli. Copyright © 2002 Wud Records. Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music. Recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Flicker at The Old Mill Studios, Silverton; Clark's Cottage, West Putford; and Chiseldon House, Exeter. Mastered by Dave. Remastered at Wud Records Studio One. Performers: George: guitars, synths Dave: bass, drums Download from Bandcamp: Download album: Work in progress: More about Flicker: Socials: