by Colie Brice

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Jersey Blues "Jersey Blues" from the album GEMINI SUITE. Album Notes: Gemini Suite is my latest anthology of wacky, self indulgent personal musical expression. Some of these tracks are new and some have been gathering dust for years, so I figured I'd release them before the source material disintegrated :) As I listen to these tunes, I can hear so clearly my influences - from AM pop radio as a child, to the rock records I tripped out on as a teen, being an archivist at PolyGram, and the consistent elements of my own eclectic, eccentric artistic alchemy.. I'm grateful to live in an era where audio production is affordable to the common man and places like CD Baby exist to empower experimental artists such as myself. Since my music is so highly personal, I don't necessarily claim to be a "professional", what you hear is what you get. Honest aural expressions of one man's life's journey - "a.k.a. Soul Puke".. Thank you to everyone who supports me! It is always affirming and gratifying to get a little check from CD Baby and I really feel like a true rock star when I can afford to take the kids out for pizza on Daddy's music money :) - Colie Brice - June 15, 2006 --- ------ ---------- Here are my personal track descriptions: Prelude No. 369 in Am - This utterly pretentious title is really just a little 70's style Elton John meets Who style synth exploration and lends itself nicely to opening this strange assortment of aural oddities.. Gathering Waves - This year (2006) Scott Stamper from the Saint in Asbury Park and Gordon Brown of Mr. Reality/Highway 9 fame put together the Wave Gathering showcasing the volume and variety of Asbury Park's virile music community. This tunes was a live improvisation composed as I reflected upon the significanceof this event and is intended as a small tribute to everyone involved.. No Where Left To Run - Clearly revealing my pop metal roots, this tune is just a fun rocker.. Freakin' Geek Blues in Gm - the title is self explanatory.. Unfortunately though trying to be cool for over thirty five years, I'm left with the ultimate acceptance and realization that I am in fact an utter geek.. Hallelujah - a simple little beach hym expressing thanks for the divine natural presence in our lives.. Wander & Wonder - a jazz rock fusion frolick - or folly as the case may be according to your level of musical discernment and/or discrimination.. Small Shore Town - a Springsteenish style tune expressing some of my home grown philosophy about what really matters in life. Some corny lyrics, but I've already laid claim and admitted to my dweebish sins.. Don't You Know? - an affirmation of love and devotion to all I love.. Found the One - one of the earliest tunes I wrote during the Gemini daze. We're talking 100% corn syrup here, but the Brian Wilson inspired harmonies are interesting. (Yes, this does sound like "Puff the Magic Dragon"..) Blue Horizon - my take on lite jazz.. Bitch - blowing off a little steam.. RAGE - yet another one of my self righteous, whiny rants about the evils of the world.. Cool guitar though.. Sundazed Blues - more trippy new age blues in my own inimitable, for better or worse style.. Long live King Albert, Eddie Van Halen, Dick Dale, and Jimi.. Jersey Blues - another simple blues rocker with some catchy riffs and half ass lyrics. Recorded June 2006.. Know Me - more corn syrup, exploring the early mono Beatle sound and vocal harmonies.. Requiem No. 369 in Bm - death of a dream.. whose? HINT - Borelly discovered an asteroid numbered 369 on July 4, ???? Rea