by Boone Walker

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Carry On Song about being stoic in the face of adversity. Lyrics by Roger Penkethman © 2006, Music and Vocals by Boone Walker Verse 1 When I turn the music up, someone turns it down When I try to make them smile, they say don’t be a clown Try to find some opportunities but I just get turned away Try to add some colour to my life, but it turns to shades of grey Verse 2 When I’m calling out at night, it seems like no one hears When I cry myself to sleep, the rain drops drown my tears Though my dreams have smashed to smithereens I’ll pick up the threads and go Keep searching for those happy times I lost a long time ago Chorus But I’ll just keep carrying on Ride out the storm today No matter what they say to me Whatever comes my way I’ll look forward to tomorrow Forget about my sorrows And I’ll just keep carrying on Ride out the storm today Bridge Maybe someday I will win Find the answers deep within Until that day I will be strong And I’ll just carry on Verse 3 When I reach towards the light The clouds block the sun Try to find freedom, but I just come undone This open highway is a dead-end street A happy ending lost Life’s been oh so bitter sweet But I’ll keep my fingers crossed WRITTEN BY Roger Penkethman 27/06/06 © These lyrics are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission.