by Agustín Richard

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Memoria Primavera Lo Débil De Mi Ärbol EP contains three songs composed by Agustín Richard, who also sings and plays guitar, bass, keyboards and did programming and arrangements. Two of the songs (Lo Debil De Mi Arbol and Memoria Primavera) were previously included in a live album, performed and recorded in Argentina with the band Pequeña Muerte, and were chosen together with a new song (Tu Semilla) to be included in this EP. Giuliano "Gius" Cobelli (Maia Vidal, Pacosan, Juanjo Fernandez Quintet) took care of recordings, drums, production, mix and master. ____ TRACKLIST: 1. Lo Debil de Mi Arbol 2. Tu Semilla 3. Memoria Primavera ____ CREDITS: All songs composed and written by Agustín Richard. Agustín Richard: guitars, bass, vocals, programming, production. Giuliano Gius Cobelli: drums, engineering, production, mixing, mastering. Released by Giant Pulse ( ---- VIDEO SERIE Lo Débil De Mi Ärbol EP ➭ ____ FULL ALBUM ➭