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Forget The Others Forget the Others (van Rijn,Tuk) Video link: This song originated from an improvisation on the Kora by Jan van Rijn. In the video you can follow a little bit the working process in Floor's studio in Wyler (Germany), near the border of The Netherlands, close to Nijmegen, where Jan lives. This song is a call to all "Beautiful People" (the people of Venus) in the world to "Forget the Others", i.e. those who infest this world with greed, exploitation, exhibitionistic narcissism and power craziness, in another word the psychopaths (the people from Mars), who are overrepresented in business, banking and politics. Jan van Rijn: Vocals, Kora, Bamboo flute, Ud, Cura saz and Rainpipe. Floor Tuk: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Udu drum and other percussion.