by bonnielegion

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Small Victories Original Song: Small Victories Producer/Musician/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr. Singer-Songwriter/Visuals: Shavon "Bonnie Legion" Lyrics I got no bone to beef puree my soul to eat I may be hungry but I'm not dying We're plantin collad greens taking small victories aint wont the war but we're still trying I learned the hard way oh aint nobody coming to get ya oh it's hard when you realize aint nobody coming to save ya I got these mouths to feed, I got these songs to seed I may find sorrow but I'm still smiling life bends on trickeries, taking small victories oh I'm not stupid I see you slyin Come down river gonna break me, all shout, everybody hate, come round you can now relate me we'll dance on the battleground small victories oh no everything is broke down spin me baby right round come down and dance on the battleground life's to short gotta breathe small victories oooo ooo ooo oooo Come Subscribe and Listen on Dtube and YouTube