by Randy Williams

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Eye Write Daily - Niland Hey Music Lovers! A quick intro into me: I'm Randy from Greensboro, NC. I am the lead singer and guitarist of the band Mightier Than Me, and I also run a YouTube channel called Eye Write Daily, dedicated to all things songwriting. Check it out and subscribe (and find me on Steemit)! You'll get fresh new original music like this: This is a song about denial and the Salton Sea. It is called "Niland". ********************************** LYRICS No one ever questions things around here ‘cause everything’s fine Yeah, even though the ground is ground up fish bones all you hear is everything’s fine I wanna be fine Take a little road trip, in between the ears makes everything fine ‘cause even though the wind only brings bad news I’m in the clear, I’m gonna be fine [chorus] I’m in Niland, suddenly I’m in Niland, secretly I’m an island, in the sea On an island is exactly where I wanted to be The bitterness of Winter The sky’s as dry as bone But this is my home And even though I talk myself to sleep I’m alone Don’t say I’m alone (Cause I got Niland) [chorus] There’s something about the way the stars at night shine It’s almost as if they know I’m fine That I won’t be the reason if the sky does fall it’s not my fault [chorus]