by Luke Creed

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Variance Podcast 005 - Distra [live] Varance welcomes Distra for the fifth instalment of our podcast. A deep, dark, hammering and chaotic journey through his vision of the modern industrial techno sound, this has been in the works for a few months. Very talented artist. Just using by Max/MSP. Distra: Kaico / Electric Pressure / Variance Born in Tokyo, Japan. He started playing with Piano from his early age. After beginning composition in the age of 19, he decided to study abroad in Berklee college of Music in Boston. In addition to the comprehensive music knowledge and theory, which varies from Classical music to Jazz and various modern music, he devoted himself into audio programming languages, such as Max/MSP, Csound, etc. As a solo artist, he focuses on generating sounds from mathematic algorithms such as life automata, strange attractors, and modifying them to physically perceivable beat. He announces his first solo album “Phenomena” (Kaico) in 2013. By its uniqueness of high frequency noise and heavy beats, his floor-oriented glitchy techno style met with a favourable reception and the album has got international media praises. since 2016, he has begun a live improvisational techno project called “Distra”, which focuses on generating the industrial/hard/acid atmosphere by Max/MSP. _________________________________