by Junkfeathers

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Safe To Feel I feel on top of the world nothing could bring me down i'm invincible, i'm invincible I feel the power in me grow exponentially got capabilities, got capabilities we all evolve, the animals evolve, the plants and bugs evolve there's no stopping change we crash and burn, we rise we ride the wave or die we all fight to survive there's no stopping change I feel the momentum I feel the heat of the sun I'm gonna let it burn, I'm gonna let it burn away the filth and grime i'm coming clean this time i'm not wasting time, i'm not wasting I feel the pieces mending It's safe to feel alone when i'm on my own It's time for me to hone my skills and take the empty throne It's safe to feel alone when i choose to roam it's time that I atone for my mistakes. it's time to grow I'm invincible nothing can stop me. Gorilla and Cat pic by Sarah Richter on pixabay :)