by Colie Brice

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Mending Fences "Mending Fences" from APRIL REIGN Album Notes This is my 25th solo album.. I just realized this preparing it for release. H O L Y M O L Y! Did all these years of ideas and chord structures, and feelings, and thoughts, and memories really just fly by? It took me a long time to "graciously" (not) accept that I'm a personal musician not a professional one. I've known and worked with a few of the greats, some quite famous and some almost famous, and many greats that few have ever heard of such as the incredible Frank Dill for one example of a truly great musician. As for me, moments of "greatness" are few and far between, but sometimes I drink from the well and it inspires me to keep searching, exploring my inner musical self, carrying heavy gear to the next gig, where the next moment of "greatness" may or may not occur. Yeah that Luna Muse, she's a real charmer, but what a devil in a blues dress.. She taunts me, teases me, gives me just enough taste to keep on going, yet we've never been able to maintain a stable relationship! Well.. That's OK. I like the hunt, I like the chase.. Anyway.. Here it is No. 25 Another collection of treasured moments of my life I have collected and preserved through audio technology. Nothing perfect, but I'm the kind of guy who prefers the orange with the pulp. If you like what you hear, please spread the word.. I could definitely use the support. Best Regards, Colie Brice April 11, 2013