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SOP Podcast #13 - Vidas Pinkevicius' Demonstration Of The Largest Pipe Organ In Lithuania Welcome to episode 13 of Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast! Today I'm sharing my October 13 organ demonstration for a group of lawyers from Germany who participated at the conference at Vilnius University. They were very curious audience and quite knowledgeable about music so their questions to me were pretty thoughtful and we had a special connection. "Lead actually is quite dangerous for your health if you chew or touch too much so organ builders handle the pipes very carefully with special gloves and don't put them into their mouth carelessly. But because they have to really blow and check the pipes the officials of the European Union in 2006 tried to forbid all lead materials in electronics and manufacturing and one of the victims of this initiative would have been pipe organs because lead (together with tin) as a material is everywhere for pipework. But I believe that influential organ builders succeeded in convincing the EU officials that lead is not too dangerous if pipes are just standing in the building and handled properly during the construction process. So they allowed organ pipes to be build from this alloy as well."