by Bitzone Clockworkgod

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Bitzone and the Couch King - I Don't Owe Ya Bitzone: Music, Mix and Mastering Couch King: Lyrics and Vocals Lyrics: I’m sick of this world I’m quick to unfurl I light up the wick And picture myself In the underworld There’s many ways to die And I give ‘em a try Each time that I lie And close up my eyes Kapow Bak bak Nobody cares No one hears my prayers All I bear is unfair I swear that I’ll tear Your hair out if you speak Shut the fuck up It ain’t just my fault How I’m under assault Blaming is your default You pour salt on mistakes To try and validate Your perceived superiority A piece of advice And you move on with you life I don’t owe ya A thanks I don’t owe ya Get me to see My responsibility I don’t owe ya A sorry I don’t owe ya This is my demise Don’t tell me bout my life I don’t care if you think That you care I’m aware That I’m a fuck up This is how my dream dies Don’t tell me to realize Who I am Cause you think that I am Someone That’s not a fuck up Cause I am fuck up just a fuck up I am fuck up A real fuck Telling me to shut up Always telling me to shut up