by Josh Blake

published on

Redemption Swan This is for the restless, the wondrous and the weary, for the day dreamer, the night schemer, who's minds never rest. For those thirsty for life, making sleeping a challenge, and for those for whom sleep is always the best. For the rager, the wild, the moonlight explorer, who's nights have adventures one only dreams of. It's for kids of all ages, sleeping like a child, as worlds roll by in the sky high above. This Sonic Pillow is for your ears to rest on. Thank you for listening. This album was made in an effort to retain the stream of consciousness in playing that I have done for many years at bed time for my children. Intentionally void of flash and pizzazz, overdubs or post production, it is an honest effort to capture the hypnotic aural landscape that my children have fallen to sleep to for many years. This album is dedicated to them, Cadence Shem, Asa Kai, and Levi Lucero, for their constant inspiration and unconditional love…… Peace, Josh Blake