by Colie Brice

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Joe Savio's New Age Blues Experience From the New Age Blues Experience album called ANOTHER NIGHT IN PARADISE "On 3/5/11 in Asbury Park, me and the boys had yet another illustrious gig at a really cool old club called Dos Locos that's had more lives than an old Asbury Park dumpster kitty. The event was billed as the first annual ASBURY MEDIA EXPO - with the Sunday Blues, Ben Franklin, No Wine For Kittens, us, DJ Rekon, and M.C. lil' Erik. It was a pretty important gig to me. My boss had asked me to promote and organize it and I busted my ass trying to make it happen. Anybody who's ever played the Jersey Shore in winter time knows that it can be pretty daunting task filling a room in late winter. All in all, we drew OK, but by the end of the night, our set had transformed into set a desolate cricket symphony - another night in paradise for working class Asbury musicians. We had rehearsed a pretty tight, aggressive 4 piece set, but sadly our lead guitarist Alan Gowa had to bow out at the last minute with a severely high fever. When Alan can't make it, he's sorely missed. (He's a guitarist's guitarist and has some provocative twists to his playing that positively contrast my style.) Thankfully, Jay's Dad Steven Lusardi joined us on piano, my old pal Ben Feld hopped on the organ, and Matt Lott showed up with his horns to help us through. I'll describe it as a loose, jazzy lounge set with occasional rock outbursts. There is a certain irony self evident throughout the performance. The set starts with my coworker Erik Wood roasting me quite effectively and mocks my new age blues sound as a betrayal of my pop metal origins. This turns into audible prophecy as we have to change up the set for a looser, jazzier vibe in order to play off the cuff with the guys sitting in. To me the sound is very quintessential Jersey Shore Sound - sentimental, emotional, and at times jubilant and bombastic. It was actually an emotional evening for me as this club was the last place I ever played live with my old band Phantom's Opera in 1992. Sadly the founder of that band, Jack Young died in 2008 and his presence was sorely missed that night." Colie Brice 8/18/11