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01 OF 30 | I Remember Musicoin - BLOCKCHAIN RECORDS MUSICOIN MIXRECORD SERIOUS CONTEXT CAUTION: GROTESQUE AUDIO BOT-GORE, LOUD EXPERIMENTAL BEATS, & FARCICAL NONSENSE HUMOR| This is Block 1 of 30 of the continuous MixRecord / Theatrical Audio comedy about "The Blockchain Records" & the adventures of BOBUTAH & VIN$ENTHAB0T! This music-mix master is cut in an experimental continuous-block format. All this was inspired by the current features & vibe of the beta Musicoin and crypto in general. Serious Off. The backstory goes; this was surreptitiously burst-broadcasted live from the Year 2027 possibly from a secret lair or cave!? Aiming to make this fresh original creativity & kindness just for the new Musicoin Crew, yes, this is YOU! I'm excited to share what we have been inspired to create in the name of the Musicoin mission & community! Although not officially affiliated, I am excited to hype this revolution! Kindly keep PLAYING!