by The Sound Foxes Experiment

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Whale Song Whales are quite a beautiful and misunderstood creature, and unfortunately suffer from the noise pollution in the sea(sonar and shipping) plastic pollution(they eat it), chemical pollution(oil, pesticides, fertiliser, sewage etc), dwindling food stocks(some people seem to think it's cool to rake through all the sea life with intensive fishing methods upsetting the delicate ecology) and even being hunted by people for their 'meat' or in the guise of some sort of bizarre and frightening scientific experiment, as well as all sorts of other factors upsetting their natural life. Perhaps it's better to be vegetarian instead of needing to call a veterinarian! Maybe instead of us spending so much time and effort on calculating ways to eliminate each other and everything in between, we could spend more time focussing on the things we love, and spend quality hours admiring and being in awe of this wonderful world we live in today and those in it. Probably seems way to easy though...... Also, perhaps we don't have to eat and kill every species to fully know them; maybe other creatures are better living a long and free life doing what they want to do, and we can all come to know each other in more powerful and truly meaningful ways? It's definitely more fun to point a camera and shoot, than a gun (or harpoon) and pull the trigger!! Extinction is forever (sadly).....