by Colie Brice

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Can't Escape (acoustic rain mix) Recorded live in Bradley Beach on 3/6/11 during a mellow rain storm. From the album NOVA by Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience. Leicester Bangs Review (2011): June 10, 2011 Colie Brice & the New Age Blues Experience - Nova (AERIA Records) "To say Colie Brice has been around, might be taking understatement a tad too far. The former front man of Phantom's Opera and Gemini, former lead guitarist for Brian Saint and the Sinners, Geena and Dragster, and Capt. James and the P.A.I.N., has also accrued a total of seventeen (count `em) solo albums. His latest project, the New Age Blues Experience, are recent recipients of the Asbury Park Music Awards top act gong (avant-gard category), and listening to "Nova", it's easy to understand why. Brice is a wonderful guitarist with an intrinsic understanding of rock music in extremis. Whether picking an acoustic on "Maby Baby Waby" - a Zapperesque title if ever I heard one - or "Can't Escape", manipulating slow-build atmospherics through "G Thang" or assaulting his fretboard like a man possessed on opener "El Toro Loco", he and his band remain inherently musical, and most importantly, accessible. For convenience, file them away under Progressive Blues, but repeated spins indicate that Colie and his band defy easy classification."