by Yan Adrover

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Demons come meditate with me Yan Adrover is an author, composer and music producer. His music invites us to explore the most diverse landscapes ... it is cyclical and it always returns to the essence, to the word, to the melody, to the rhythm ... after having taken us for a walk through Cosmos it brings us to the present, to nature, to the intimacy of the spoken voice, to the breath ... He began his career in jazz clubs and rock-theaters of his hometown, La Plata and by age 18 he was playing in renowned venues in Ibiza, Formentera and Barcelona. He was part of "The Symphonic Spiral" and was a musician of Kim Masel (singer of James Brown and Maceo Parker) on his tour of Spain between 1999 and 2000. He composed music for dance, theater, film and advertising pieces -among them for the prestigious Chanel brand in Paris between 2002 and 2004-, for the Belgian Dance Company-Teatro S-Main Gauche, for the Venezuelan choreographer Isael Mata, for the Argentinean choreographer Agostina D'alessandro and for the Spanish film director David Marqués, among others. He founded the laboratory "Y". An interdisciplinary improvisation workshop that worked at the Casa Argentina of the University City in Paris and brought together artists from all over the world. He was a part of the Suk project in the Musics Workshop in Barcelona in 2007, he was a musician of the "Cirque de Paris" and founder of the Group "Circo Divino" in Paris in 2008. Among the intense musical, artistic and human experiences that took place during his travels, it also highlights his work and study with the Chilean artist Alejandro Jodorowsky. In 2011, after 12 years of travels and tours in Europe, he returned to Argentina. There he recorded HAYUNRIO, a CD for wich many renowned artists such as Diego Rolón, Rubén "Mono" Izarrualde and Tomás Aristimuño colaborated, all motivated by his talent and creativity. HAYUNRIO was presented in September 2014 at the Podestá Coliseum Theater in the city of La Plata to a full house, with more than 60 artists on stage and an excellent critic of the local press and musicians such as Lisandro Aristimuño, who included the song "Seguiré Acá"of the album in his personal selection for MSFL in August 2015. As an autodidact artist and tireless seeker that he is, Yan doesn't define himself. His songs interrogate us, invite us, seduce us, enchant us, create a space to search and explore, to transcend direct associations, mechanics, labels and clichés . Yan is currently working on his new album, produced by Diego Rolón, which will go on sale at the beginning of 2018.