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E36: The Best of Social Media Platforms Combined with Crypto In Episode 36 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps back into the Bull Pen with Peter Saddington. During Lyndon and Peter’s first chat, in episode 3, Peter shared his viewpoints on regulation, where he thinks crypto will be 5 years from now and all the awesome projects/resources that he and his brother John have and are working on developing. This time around Peter is bringing everyone an official update on how his project is doing and everything that is in the works for this awesome platform. Could you imagine similar functionalities from some of your favorite social platforms all rolled into and crypto is thrown into the mix also? Well, this is exactly what Peter and are working towards achieving. Show notes: Timestamps 00:00:00 – Preview 00:00:12 – Disclaimer 00:00:59 – Intro 00:01:48 – Interview 00:42:43 – Outro Where To Find The Crypto Bully Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Snapchat: Where To Find The Bull Pen Podcast Website: Discord: Steemit: DTube:!/c/bullpenpodcast Musicoin: Choon: SoundCloud: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Where To Find Our Partners and Biggest Supporters The Bitcoin Podcast Network: ECC: Satoshi Media Group: MARKNetwork: Blockchain Management Group: Block Society: If you're a blockchain and/or cryptocurrency enthusiast or influencer and want to be featured on The Bull Pen Podcast feel free to contact The Crypto Bully at for inquiries.