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Non Puoi (You Can't) - Gianluca Buresta (Italy) Non Puoi (You Can't) - Gianluca Buresta - Italy 2018 sees Iced Note Music hailing Gianluca Buresta, the latest addition to our Artist roster releasing his first single "Non Puoi" Gianluca, Italian singer/songwriter and musician, guitarist to be more precise, is an established, independent artist in his own right with exceptional songwriting skills and already has a history of material released on the Italian market since 2006, when he places first in the Italian National Music Festival "Cantagiro". In 2016/17 he decides to team up with the Iced Note Music production team, Cosmo Masiello for the recording and musical production and Remo Fiore for the Video production of this his latest single "Non Puoi" which is Gianluca's debut single for Iced Note Music. Non Puoi, (You Can't), is a beautifully written soft pop/rock, singer/songwriter track, with a nice full production, sees the use of live drums and instruments with very little, if any, use of sequencers the arrangement is mainly based on powerful guitar sounds, has a great melody, well-written lyrics, a great hook line for the chorus and a fabulously played 8 bar guitar solo, which holds it's own against any solo in this widespread genre of music. A highly polished production with all the riffs, licks and hooks necessary to become an international pop/rock hit in 2018.