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Hail To The Chief - @VoyceAtlas If I ever ran for POTUS this is what I would say... Lyrics: Let me start out by saying “gOD bless America!” Wanna see her perfect but how we gonna do that huh? Greatest nation on the planet? Can’t even feed the kids? Send them through the school system with corn syrup in their heads. Rather medicate them than educate them. Rather incarcerate them than rehabilitate them. Rather keep them down than elevate them. Rather bill them and kill them than fucking healing them? Listen. Conspiracy not theory… HEAR ME! The towers fell but we let ‘em. Now they telling us gotta go go get ‘em. Vague shit. Lies so basic so they hate it… When I spit these acid barz. Insurance money and a reason for war? Thats why Halliburton getting some more. They getting more bread while we getting more dead. It’s morbid, but we made bed. Now we laying with China. Got us whipped like the best vagina. Time to learn Mandarin. “Ni hao, Ni hao!” or innovate right now. OK, and ima tell you how. Bring the business back to town, control the boarders lock it down. NOT with a wall y’all locking us in! …but make sure daddy can be home with the kids …and don’t got to worry about that debt on his head. With his taxes going up but they continue to spend? Lets make our own money, quit using the fed. …and all that can be done with a swoop of a pen. Not a clip and a gun. Fellow American Loughner you dumb. …but make sure every person in this great nation got some rounds to pop a clown trying to take ‘em down. We got two teams on the same side. Ain’t right. …Red blue the same thing, we American right? …and a redneck ain’t nothing but a nigga. Race don’t separate us no more its all about the figures. Rich get rich but the poor get bigger, cuz they got a buck for a meal at the nigga killer. Claiming they christian but they straight Luciferian. Black folks still think its something about the Arians? …more like cold blooded, calculated, reptilian. Population control eugenics getting rid of men! _____ ... and they would prolly shoot me... FOLLOW ME ON