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Beautiful Wings Beautiful Wings by Flicker. Album: At Least 1000 Words (2002). Fun Facts: Black Sabbath once told us that fairies wear boots. We can confirm that this statement is absolutely true. Beautiful Wings is another Flicker tune written using DADFCE tuning on acoustic guitar. It is dedicated to George’s girlfriend at the time of it being written, which was around the time of the solar eclipse in 1999. She often wore fairy wings, and if she walked past something and brushed her wings against it, she would then hold the wing, grimace, and complain of a having terrible wing-ache. During the solar eclipse of 1999 this same person told a member of the public how she had grown them, which was highly entertaining and well worthy of a tune. The conversation went like this. P: Where did you get your beautiful wings? GGF: Well... when I was a very small fairy I had these two funny little stumps on my shoulder blades, and then suddenly one day, I woke up and these two beautiful wings had grown. P: Huh. Come on, where did you get them, really? GGF: (stamping her foot in indignation) I just told you where! P: (a little wide-eyed) ... Music by G. Davies/D. Danielli/L. Welsman/E. Williams Copyright © 2002 Wud Records. Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music. Performers: George: guitar, synths, samples Dave: Plank, drums Lucy: cello, keys Emma: flute Samples:, The Double Locks Hotel, Exeter Download from Bandcamp: Dowload album: Work in progress: More about Flicker here: More here too: