by bonnielegion

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Slow Burn Original Song: Slow Burn Genre: Electronic Rock HipHop Fusion Producer/Musician/Backing Vocals: Wav-Dr. Singer Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion Wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion Wav-Legion Lyrics Sitting by the New York post waiting for a train a thousand miles take me anywhere you know I won't complain each road I'm on I walk through dawn in the sun and in the rain I'm standing here but it isn't clear where I'm going in my brain I saw a man with a similar stand not but feet away a deepened stare like he didn't care what would happen either way I caught his eye but a passerby we talked for most the day both standing there without a care burning the light away burning the light away burning the light away slowly burn me slowly burn slowly burn me slowly burn sitting on the city high watching the lights below sizing up the passer bye's wondering where they'll go it won't take long for you and I to drift into the flow for everyone's just a passerby floating and burning slow YouTube