by Colie Brice

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"I'm Dying For You" "I'm Dying For You" from the album LIVE by Colie Brice Album Notes "Bold exploration of authenticity or reckless self sabotage - that particular line of distinction is often difficult to discern for an artist. We like to live on the edges. Vacillate, pontificate, irritate, etc. This compilation of my latest recordings is entitled "Live" and in this sense it was spontaneously created and recorded, but it also means LIVE - to be here now, to actualize this present moment in the theatre of your own mind. Easier said than done, but here is my latest "musical blog" of sorts representing my latest effort to have my musical language align with my actions. There's some rough spots and I certainly have a long way to go, but thank you most sincerely for listening.." Colie Brice October 29, 2006 Special thanks to:,, Rick Barry's piano, Elijah Robert Brice, Adam Curry, Steve Dundas, Craig Kalman, the Jersey Todd Show,, Tom Ruff, Dane Spencer, the Twisted Tree Cafe, & Ultradisc DVD-Rs.. Track Descriptions: LOST ART - Poppy upbeat spirited piano romp with an unusual - at least for me, stream of consciousness lyrical flow.. I'M DYING FOR YOU - I'm a product of the 80's and sometimes I just can't resist a melodramatic riff, some big guitars and backing vocal chorus, etc. Sorry.. I REALLY CAN'T HELP IT! ROCK AND ROLL CLICHE - what more clever way to defend a tunes that's an utter cliche than by naming it so and thus absolving one's self from any true critical scrutiny. The truth is I just love this big, fat Stonesy riff and just slogged together a few bits to call it a song. In case you couldn't tell :) ASCENSION - this one's pretty cool! Performed with my favorite back up band - Me 3 :) A trippy, mystical vibe permeated this mystical, meditative piece.. PHUNKIN' GROOVE IN Gm - everything that the name implies for better and worse.. BEAUTIFUL BOY CROONING - my son - 4 year old Elijah improving along to an acoustic jam.. THE REASON - an acid folk tinged speculation.. LATE NIGHT SLOTH JAM - my one and only jazz blues piano riff in Fm ;) Dedicated to the one and only Michael Walz of South Amboy Taxi fame.. IT STILL AIN'T LOVE - a whimsical adaptation of an old favorite Phantom's Opera tune.. COME ON TAKE A CHANCE - an extremely corny tune I wrote in the BIG 80's. I figured that if I finally released it, it would stop playing in my head! WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW - another old riff demanding attention.. CONTEMPLATIVE THOUGHTS - a mellow piano improvisation..