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I Smoke Weed Everyday by Peh Peh Don (Dancehall Single) Product: I Smoke Weed Everyday (Single) Artiste: Peh Peh Don Product Code: PPD: 1001B2M UPC Barcode: 192650946880 UK UPC Barcode: 0192650946880 MP3 Genre: Dancehall / Reggae Release Date: NOV.16,2018 Duration: 3:14 Produce by: Reyon Ricketts Of Peh Peh Don Muziq Executive Producer: Reyon Ricketts Of Peh Peh Don Muziq ©2018 Label: Peh Peh Don Muziq ©2018 Bit2Music Multi-Media / Symphonic Distribution Title: I Smoke Weed Everyday Artiste (s) or Group: Peh Peh Don Riddim “Instrumental” Courtesy of: Reyon Ricketts Riddim “Instrumental" Own by: Reyon Ricketts Riddim “Instrumental” Name: Smoking Weed Instrumental Composer (s) Names (s): Song Arranger: Reyon Ricketts Song Written by: Reyon Ricketts Background Vocal (s) by: Reyon Ricketts Mix by: Avicon Records Master by: Avicon Records Recording Engineer (s) Name (s): Studio Name (s): Marvin Recording Studio Voice Produced by: Reyon Ricketts Executive Producer: Reyon Ricketts Voice Date: ,2017 Release Date: ,2017 Mood: High BPM:103 Time: 3:14 ISRC: GBVZ71800036 P.R.O: JACAP Label Names (s): Peh Peh Don Muziq