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 SOP Podcast #25: Martin Pasi On Building Organs And Giving Back Welcome to episode 25 of Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast! ​ Today's guest is Martin Pasi, a founder and owner of Pasi Organ Builders, a company which is located south of Seattle in Roy, Washington. Martin Pasi received his first formal experience in organ building during a four year apprenticeship with the Rieger Company in his native Austria. He immigrated to the United States in 1981 and worked with several organ builders until he opened his own shop. Since the opening of the shop in 1990, 22 instruments have been completed ranging in size from a 3 stop continuo to a large 4 manual organ. The company specializes in building fine mechanical action organs and restoration of historic instruments. Working with a small group of fine craftsmen, Martin Pasi oversees all phases of building his organs, including design, manufacturing, voicing, and installation. All components of the instruments are built in his shop. In this conversation, we'll get a glimpse into his world, what it takes to build organs of incredible beauty and lasting impact for generations to come, and give back to the community of organists and organ builders around the world. Enjoy and share your comments below. ​ If you like these conversations with the experts from the organ world, please help spread the word about the SOP Podcast by sharing it with your organist friends.​ Relevant link: