by frawstakwa

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greetings... greetings begin proceedings here at this meeting of the Minds sequence the beat I’ve prepared a speech that I’ve been thinking about for some time ever wonder why if there is a reason then it would be intelligent design written line by line easily like we needn’t be worried it’s fine #frawstakwaforyou and I’m rocking it dude hardly am popular not what I choose I do what I want but you probably knew this already but I still said it sue me steady progressing I’ve gotta keep moving ahead instead of stopping let’s do this whatever has never been done that new and improved method of setting the groove I’ve got this do it for all of my crew Hip Hop is alive and well it is true they forgot this so I’m just dropping some clues the rhythm and the rhyming then watch what they do yo - I’m just dropping some jewels treasure chest left open peruse see what you find that is of value hit me up one time and we’ll all be cool here’s the link for the acapellas... join me on #musicoin here... connect with me on #wowapp here... #mcstorm