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Pages Of Life by Kool Swade Release Bio: This song was inspired by the way of life of the less fortunate,and how we are misunderstood and unfairly treated. This is a song about"the other side" the "Ghetto. Kool Swade "Pages if life". Pages Of Life by Kool Swade In Stores Worldwide Dec. 01, 2017 Title: Pages Of Life Artiste (s) or Group: Kool Swade Riddim “Instrumental” Courtesy of: Anju Blax U.I.M Production Riddim “Instrumental” Name: Ballad Pt.2 Riddim Composer (s) Names (s): Anju Blax U.I.M Production Song Arranger: Chavoun McNarrin aka Kool Swade Song Written by: Chavoun McNarrin aka Kool Swade (P.R.O BMI) Instrumental Producer: Anju Blax U.I.M Production Genre: Reggae ISRC: GBVZ71700032 Executive Producer: Chavoun McNarrin ©2017 Official Release Label: Bold n Boasy Entertainment / U.I.M Production