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DjDarkStorm - Causatum! (RawnDirty Mix) Causatum! The Reason For The Storm Is Now Known !! Heres my new track made it last night did'n't take long I used demo sample packs offered on Soundcloud from DjHybrid, ErbnDub, Invadhertz and some Antidote free downloads plus I think some nCamargo Boey Audio samples.There is no midi or vst in this track so get some samples and make some tunes like me it's easy :P This track is part of my Storm series I have been adding hope to make a couple more to finsih it off and maybe release as an EP. Now I keep releasing these tracks for you guys as a foundation to build on I want your tracks to Dj mix not be sat at the pc all day making tracks so get in touch so I can mix your tunes and get creative it's bad enough Djing has gone digital and you have to rely on computers for this now. Anyway this is a nice and hard Jungle/DnB track with some dirty Bass it's untidy and the structure and the mixdown and mastering could be a lot better there are no effects except a little delay reverb and a tiny bit of EQ. Hope you like it get in touch to remix all the best and good luck in whatever you choose, © DjDarkStorm 1996-2018 Replicate me if you dare !