by Mar T.

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Peace Peace - WIP for the Kitchen Beatles Competition ( Feel free to join the kitchen : ) Does it have a Beatles sound? What do you think about the arrangement? Does it stick in your head? Let me know! PEACE --- There she was, wind in her hair, Drawing smileys in the sand, She noticed him, but he looked away He was too shy to reach for her hand His heart did not deserve her, Her pureness so heartfelt He was spoiled to the bone, but all alone With Peace, he felt his heart could melt Pre CH: Wake me up, anytime, To look into your eyes Remember me, everyday To look into your eyes CH: Peace, oh please.. let me look at you for a while Peace, oh please.. be my tease, common make me smile Rappapa-pa nananana na nananana All the love I ever need, Was shining bright from your ocean eyes They don't understand power and greed And they'd cry because of all my lies When you noticed me, I hid away, And I awoke, begging baby please, With an empty cup in my hands, For a little bit more of Peace Pre CH: She lives in my contagious smile Her reflection will always be my constant guide Remember me, everyday To look into your eyes