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unfoundsound01 This is the mix I made when I first discovered unfoundsound's archives - a free netlabel whose releases can be found here >> // unfoundsound is a Creative Commons record label with the explicit permission to be used in for-profit DJ sets. // It errs on the side of the then fashionable minimal/m_nus sound and is pitched somewhere between the vibe as laid out in 02a and 02b. You'll notice the way back in the day releases from Cesare vs Disorder and Ripperton collaborator Agnes here. // TRACKLIST // Monta - Dissapointment // Tleiaxu - Just A Thought // Miguel Tutera - Fatal Error // Miguel Tutera - Searching (Someone Else German Trance Remix) // The Suffragettes - Homework 1 // Seph - Downstairs // Greg Le Roy - Intersection Parallele // Cedric Eteocle - The City // Mark Henning - Motorrad Da Douche // Diss0nance - Addict // Gurtz - Dect // Cesare vs Disorder - Around Vrzina // Barem - Undo (Jorge Savoretti Liquid Planets Remix) // Agnes - Vsel On The Sea Bed // Agnes - God Less America // Fidget - Over Under Through