by Ken Minty

published on

Wild Man Boogie A straight-forward guitar boogie in 12:8 that I commonly play with the help of other musicians, though I have sometimes done it solo. The lyrics are a rather dark take on unconsidered religious belief, and it is up to the instruments to keep it moving. Dedicated to Gene Vincent, who won me with the line “now-how-how-how-how”, and to Martin Luther King who showed me what religion could be. Lyrics: once a wild man was trying to find a place to stay he took along a book to look up the way the fellow thought without it he’d get lost, he’d obey it at any cost and he expects to find that place one of these days and though his sight is not too strong on a clear day he can see the dawn along that long and lonesome road there’s nowhere you can stop it goes straight uphill but you can’t reach the top there are no signs on either side, cause no one needs a guide you just have to walk that road until you drop and when that wild man is done, the book is chained to the back of his wild son