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SOP Podcast #122: Thomas Åberg On His Own Organ Works: "Feel Free, Have Fun"! Welcome to Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast #122! Today's guest is a Swedish composer and organist Thomas Åberg (b. 1952) from Stockholm. Most of his works are written for the organ and are characterized by their rhythmic joy, simplicity, and humor. He has stated that "music must bring enjoyment, without abandoning reverence," and as such his style often uses the most basic of musical materials to create a discourse that is both spiritual and visceral. His music has been performed by organists at festivals throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. He also tours regularly worldwide as concert organist with his own works. Thomas is a member of Society of Swedish Composers since 1986. In this conversation, Thomas shares his insights about his musical style and creative process and gives tips for organists who would love to begin composing don't know where to start. ​Enjoy and share your comments below. ​And don't forget to help spread the word about the SOP Podcast by sharing it with your organist friends. If you like it, feel free to subscribe to our channel on Musicoin. Thanks for caring. By the way, you can upload your own recordings to YOUR channel to maximize revenue. If you have some audio recordings of your organ performances, you can do the same. Feel free to use my invitation link to join Musicoin: Relevant link: