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SOP132 With Walter Gatti Welcome to Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast #132! Today's guest is an Italian organist Walter Gatti. ​Currently he teaches organ, organ composition and harpsichord at Civico Istituto Musicale “Arcangelo Corelli” (Pinerolo), organ, musical theory at Scuola Intercomunale della Val Pellice (Luserna San Giovanni). Additionally Walter is a teacher of organ, choir direction and choral composition at Scuola Diocesana di Musica Sacra (Pinerolo). Also he is the organist and the person in charge for music at the Waldesian Temple of Torino, dealing with the direction of the Waldesian choir and of organ concerts. Since 2010 Walter is the director of Accademia Organistica Pinerolese. In this conversation Walter talks about his organ practice process, things he's struggling with and is excited about and of course gives advice for struggling organ students around the world. ​ Relevant links: ​