by Colie Brice

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Let It Go! Album Notes Marching Towards Madness/April Fool’s Parade is my latest aural sketch book of personal home recordings. These came upon me in the late winter of 2014 - a brutal one on the outside, but a good one for exploring textures, memories and feelings within. Maybe someday I’ll record a masterpiece, but for now I hope some listeners find enjoyment and/or meaning in some of these humble musical offerings. Colie Brice July 9, 2014 This album is dedicated to all the Roberts in my life.. For whatever strange or serendipitous reason, my life has been blessed by and abundance of loyal, noble, good hearted, and courageous & kind Roberts in my life. For that reason this album is dedicated with my full name. Shall you all forever remain - Hrodebert "bright with glory"! Track Descriptions and Lyrics: Exultation - nothing quite like a jubilant drive on the open road when you’re feeling pretty good about things.. Life Ain't Fair - no it ain’t, but it’s still worth working thrugh things, persevering, stumbling forward. Because in the end you answer to yourself and you want toknow that though you may have failed, you failed hard giving the best efort you could. Would you rather strike out gloriously or hide on the bench never knowing for sure? Wubby Dubby (Sunny's Song) - to put it mildly, our family loves our dogs. Sunny & Rudy are two lab mariner pups mu kids found on craig’s list. Both awesome dogs. Rudy was the alpha of the litter and Sunny was the runt. Sometimes Rudy bhogs up all the attention (and food), so I composed this silliness to help Sunny with his self esteem issues. Yes I know this sounds crazy, but I suspect some fellow dog enthusiasts may get a kick out of it.. Love Is All Around You - “they say love is all around you, sometimes it’s hard to tell.. If love is all around you, why do you feel like hell? You’ve got to make to work somehow, you got to find a way Rolling through the deep of winter’s snowy daze.. Love is all around you each and everyday.. If love is all around you why are you drowning in the haze? The same old situation you’re flapping in the breeze Yeah love is all around you, it’s nothing but a tease..” Just a Poem “The sun rises over the horizon to awaken us from our dreams with her streams of light, the shadow of the moon creeps away, and our Sun reclaims it's bright throne, in the vast blue realm we call sky, to give us warmth and life, for we would be nothing but a cold, dark, rock floating about the abyss of the cosmos, if her light had never shown..” - Elijah Robert Brice Funk Haus I probabably know what you’re thinking.. Phat middle aged white guy composing funk in the middle of winter in Maine.. Um yeah right.. Let It Go! - perhaps easier said than done but sometimes when we can stumble put of our own way, our spirits can soar in triumphant joyful abandon. Just be careful landing.. 8. April Fool's Daze - yeah Spring has arrived! Not.. April Fool’s!Imagine Spring as a runaway bride not quite ready to commit.. Bobby's Acting Strange - “Bobby's acting Strange for what it's Wirth.. Feelings are strained, healing is hurt.. Who is hearing, when everyone speaks? Malevolent jeering, imprisons the meek.. Desperate bleating, codependent herd, the poets are bleeding, just want to be heard.. The trumpets are blaring, the sound voice is drowned, Everyone is sharing, yet no exchange is found.. How do we break this vicious cycle? Fighting the ignorance like a modern day St. Michael.. I go no answer, I don't know why, I'm no Mansur, yet still try..” Guitars By the Sea Frantic Grace 12. Say You Will “Say you will, but you won't Say you do, but you don't.. I've been watching for a while, you've been flashing your trademark smile.. Searching for a clever thing to say, just to put it off for another day.. Afraid to say yes, afraid to say no, Can't move forward, can't let it go.. These are indeed trying times, take a step back or cross the line.. Seems there's nothing left to say, So damn tired of walking one way.. Wishing you well but saying good bye, Too many tears, now I've run dry.. Say you will, but you won't Say you do, but you don't..” Blizzicane Bliss Downeast Funkitude Boot Stomp Ramble Lazy Sunday With Spring Rain Kindle the Fire