by Sigma Airav

published on

A Hole in the Air Imagine going about your business, walking down a sidewalk or path only to hear something strange. A something that compels you to locate the source. Eventually, you come upon a mysterious distorted tear or hole suspended just above ground level. A black abyss and a very faint sickly point of light is seen within that you cannot tear your gaze away from. As if you cannot control your own steps, you move forward towards it in a trance. It is a hole that sings, an inescapable hole that draws you in until it consumes you whole as it fills your mind with the sounds of what can only be described as tortured souls from beyond the blackness This song is the first song I made for the Madness Man album and what sparked my interest in creating the backstory of how the Madness Man came to be. Eerie, dark, and I guess the only "horror" themed song I have ever made so far. One could say its less song and more like some movie soundtrack. At least, that's what those I let hear the song have said t me. I have to agree to an extent. A few years ago, I made this short and simple video for the song: Hole slowly fades into view as the song progresses before it grows and consumes the camera in the end.