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Voodoo Pump it! There's some weird voodoo shit going on! Lyrics: It all started a couple of years ago Roaming around at an innocuous bazaar The venders were flaunting knickknacks of all kind The retard I am, not to see what was going on If only I had known, I would have run away As far as I could from this heathenical scene Suddenly I felt a freaky sensation Next thing I knew I had a dagger in my hand The love me or die The hoodoo, the voodoo Devil’s behes’ is what I suspect The love me or die The hoodoo, the voodoo Possessed by an ancient devil's reject It felt superstitious, almost empowering So I decided to take it back home I couldn’t look away, had to keep it in sight And that is where the disorder began Visions of long gone, times of destruction Struck my mind, what have I done wrong? Harmless it looked like, but harmful after all Never will my life be the same again