by Colie Brice

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Sun Snow Falling "Sun Snow Falling" from WINTER MEDITATIONS Vol. I An anthology of contemplative home recordings compiled and produced during Colie's first winter in Eastport, Maine Album Notes "I honestly can't even recall how many solo releases it's been at this point.. Nothing too special here.. Just my ongoing musical diary with life itself. "Sun Snow Falling" is probably my personal favorite among this collection of home recordings made here in Eastport, Maine during our first winter in the new home. Things are going good up here so far.. A new band called Breakwater Revival that serves many nice community events, Manuela steadfastly knitting and designing woolen masterpieces, and our beloved pups Sunny & Rudy reeking havoc and hell throughout the neighborhood when ever they can sneak out.. As always, thanks for listening - especially my new pal Robert W. DeWitt who has been a great and kind supporter of this southpaw from away :) by Colie Brice - March, 19, 2013