by Skaarl

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Essence About the Tropical Haze EP Originally the first EP I released back in 2013, this is a revised version officially released on 18 April 2019. I had always thought that it could have been produced a little bit better, and there was one track (Essence) that I wanted to include on the original but never made the cut at the time. One of the original tracks (The Burning Eye) I had wanted to improve on also, so the original version of this track has been replaced by a revised version. The other tracks have also all been remastered. About This Track This is a track I was going to add to the original release of the EP, however it never made it onto it. It started out as a trip hop track that I had played bass on, not overly happy with my performance playing bass I decided to edit the bassline a little. Although with adding all the processing and manipulation I thought the weirdness sounded quite cool, so I continued doing this with some of the other elements of the track until it became what it is now. IRSC QZ5FN1952472 Release date 18 April 2019 Thanks for listening!