by Bandius Companion

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Boa Azul (Studio Live Bootleg) Soundtrack of a trip to exotic territories inspired by rare grooves, psychedelia, soundtracks, jazz and above all by the more anthropological side of African and Latin music. Bandius Companion is distinguished by a hybrid and peculiar sound mixing a harmonic dance of accordion and acid keyboards with an energetic rhythmic section of bass and drums. The concerts of this quartet are an animated growing of energy and charming rhythms that remember popular festivities as much as tribal dances or metropolitan streets. Currently the group is presenting live their latest EP "Selected Grooves", recently released by the label Barcelonesa Giant Pulse Records, and a pre-release of some songs from the new album "Preguntas Fractales". ~ Bandius Companion ~ Spotify ~ Musicoin ~ Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Bandcamp ~ Soundcloud ~ Official store ~ Youtube ~