by Skaarl

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Android (Album Mix) This is a remastered and subtly remixed version of ‘Android’ that was included on ‘Locked In The System’ from 2016. This was one of the first robotic themed tracks that I produced a little while back, quite a laid-back tune created using some robotic samples I had, the idea is “music created by machines”. The androids were supposed to be like those daft servant robots that they have in sci-fi films, Doctor Who, brexit or whatever. Except these ones have gone a bit mental and started playing electronic instruments and dancing around, like in that scene in the film Solo when the droids all start rebelling. Anyways, they eventually go into malfunction mode and shut down...others will take their places though. The robots are coming! ...don’t tell @juxtamusic IRSC USA2P1673796 Release date 9 September 2016 If you like this, you can listen to some of my other tracks on the following platforms: * Choon: * Whaleshares: * Steemit: * Musicoin: or * Soundcloud: * Spotify: Or follow me on Twitter: Thanks for listening!